Meet the Centennials, America’s First Fully Digital Generation

Towards the end of 2015, you might have seen a CGPR post about blogging to millennials and the best way to engage and connect with them through different social media outlets. With our winter 16 interns, the subject of Generation Z was brought to my attention by Endicott College student Jordan Saintil. Here are his thoughts on the newest generation that marketers need to pay attention to.

Millennials have been the most studied generation and without a doubt they are the country’s first “digital generation,” however there’s a new group of consumers that’s stepping iUnknownnto the spotlight: Generation Z.

Born from 1996 to the early 2000s, Generation Z is garnering more and more attention from marketers as they’re moving from adolescence to adulthood. Known as centennials, founders, or millennials on steroids, generation Z is more digitally savvy then its millennial counterparts. Growing in the age of the smartphone and social media, their attention span is even shorter, standing at 8 seconds on average (compared to 12 seconds in 2000).  That being said, marketing to this consumer demographic is going to require concise, creative, and curated content.

Witnessing the blunders of their older Millennial relatives, Generation Z-ers value their privacy and online presence much closer. Where Millennials may prefer Facebook, this generation enjoys messages and interactions that disappear after a certain period of time (Snapchat). This group that emphasizes standing out and the diversity that surrounds them, with the rate of multiracial children increasing exponentially.

Listed below are some examples of companies that have leveraged their marketing campaigns with Gen Z’s characteristics:

  • Under Armour, Inc. paid full attention to that statistic, launching a campaign that is going to release three-second advertisements every time Steph Curry makes a three-point basket.
  • Taco Bell embraces the independence of this generation through a commercial that defects from eating the normal breakfast (AdAge).
  • Known as a socially conscious generation, ASPCA tugged on the heart strings of this consumer with their commercial – here are the top 10 brands that stayed in the hearts and minds of gen z.

Generation Z is still growing up and has not yet become entirely part of the workforce, so as time progresses more developments will continue to be made. For a more in depth look at this generation check out the Huffington Post, The New York Times, and this blog written by personal branding expert Dan Schwabel.


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