A true Maestro

This article in the Boston Globe is heartbreaking. The possibility of not seeing the Esplanade come to life the first week of July is devastating.

David Mugar has worked tirelessly on the Boston Pops Fireworks celebration for decades. Boston has been given an amazing gift through his commitment and hard work. I’ve met Mugar a few times through my work, he has no idea who I am, and that’s o.k.  He’s always been kind. I’ve admired his ability to create memories for families, his attention to detail and his creative tenacity to top last year’s show. He knew how important this event, and its traditions (blanket run, anyone?), was to Boston and its people. The logistics for this production are massive, and Mugar was always in control, and treated it with love.

I know the next question is “Who will take this now?” I hope that before we move on- someone will take the time to pay tribute to Mugar’s dedication and love for his city. Yes, there is a street named for him already- but it would be nice to see a standing ovation on the Esplanade next week to honor all his years of hard work for millions of people celebrating Independence Day.



2 thoughts on “A true Maestro

  1. I think this transition is forceful for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. It has been years since I told friends to meet me at the stone bust of Arthur Fiedler, but the 4th of July concert is more of a defining bit of Boston than the Zakim. It feels, as they fumble for a new leader and a new sponsor, as if something of Boston is in the balance.

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