Take Shelter and Ride out the Storm; New Balance doesn’t make a running shoe fast enough for this mess.

Hopefully, if I’m doing my job correctly- I offer solutions and strategies, positive messages, reputation and crisis management. Which is why it can be tough to look any client in the face and tell them we’ve done everything we can- time to just take cover and wait for the storm to pass. It feels a bit like a personal failure, but sometimes is the best, and most honest, advice. (Note: I don’t work with NB)

Since the day after the election- New Balance has made headlines, and not good ones. The company’s VP of Communications commented on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, to which President Elect Trump has already voiced his opposition. In his comments to the Wall Street Journal, the New Balance VP may or may not have voiced implicit support for Trump.

And the social media sh*tstorm began shortly thereafter, and has been relentless for over a week at this point. People took to Facebook, Twitter, etc- burning their 100% American-made shoes in fury (anyone else see the irony?), vowing to boycott the company based on its “political endorsement”.

New Balance issued a statement.


The icing on the cake came over the past weekend. A self proclaimed ‘white supremacist” blogger declared New Balance the “Official Shoe of White People”. The blogger continues, “This will be fantastic. We will be able to recognize one another by our sportswear.”

New Balance issued a 2nd statement.


New Balance is a Boston based company, committed to footwear made in the USA, with many fine people who work there. It’s clear to me- any further statements just breathes more life into an already emotional situation. Let’s all just take off our running shoes, and take shelter until the storm safely passes. There isn’t much more to do at this point. 




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