Why do you care what I think?

I’ve been watching the “Take a Knee” saga over the last few days and wondering if anyone really cares what I think about whether the NFL or the players did the right thing, the unpatriotic thing, whether the NFL should stay out of it, or whether Trump should.

Everyone has an opinion on this, I’m not sure I’ve found anyone who doesn’t. I’ve seen ‘F*ck Trump’ or ‘F*ck the NFL’, memes, GIFs and the videos of people burning Patriots’ shirts. Yes, I do have an opinion, but honestly, why would I rush to share this with the world, or at least my world?

It’s a serious question, where is the benefit to knowing how I feel about this? I think of this subject on different levels. And I can assure you, I will never be able to understand all levels of this controversy.

Someone asked me this week how would I like to do crisis management for the NFL. It’s easy, they took care of it. This will blow over in their favor. Trust me, if the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, I get the sense my social media feeds will show Brady and Gronk shirts, parties, parades and celebrations. People love football, sports and competition. The game takes us away from our own life for a few hours a week, and provides a shared unity.

Along the same lines, posting my intent on social media leaves the possibility for professional consequences. When speaking with students about their future, I always remind them that there is no delete on the internet, and as a hiring manager- I’m going to look at your social media. I’d rather have prospective clients or future employers look at my skills on a resume than a political rant they might not agree with.

Personally, those who know me can probably figure out my opinion. Honestly, I hope my relationships are defined by who I am as a person and how I’ve treated people. I go back to wonder how the internet has completely changed things, and why we feel compelled to rush to this platform to declare our opinions. Why do you care what I think?


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