Who thought this was a good idea?

Dove’s “Real Beauty” was always an example of how integrated Marketing/ PR and Branding could be successful for a company, if the company really listened to the feedback of their consumers. That campaign is about 13 years old and its success lies in “walking the walk”. Dove’s thoughtfulness with their responsibility of being one of the first companies to tap into the issue of the definition of women’s beauty made it a positive teachable moment I’ve used repeatedly when speaking with students.

Sure, Dove has had some misfires with this campaign over the years, and has jeopardized its success. Which leads me to wonder what were thinking with the most recent Facebook ad, and who on earth thought this was a good idea? How many levels of approval and reviews did this ad have internally, and how is it possible that not one person in that review process missed the potential for backlash from consumers?

Sadly, this latest ad compromises all the good work Dove has done over the years, and will tarnish its legacy, making this another teachable moment for students for years to come.


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