Rooted in principles of the world’s first democracy and the values of the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena Strategies works with a broad base of partners on a wide range of election security and democracy issues. As president of Athena Strategies, Kathy Boockvar uses her breadth of experience to advise and collaborate with organizations, institutions, and government officials to fortify election security, strengthen democracy, and expand education and engagement about elections in the United States.

Athena Strategies advises on the following areas and more:

Continuity of Operations Planning

Cybersecurity and AI

Drafting and reviewing legislation

Election integrity, audits, and transparency

Election security polices and best practices

Increasing trust in elections

Physical security and election worker safety

Tabletop exercises

Voter participation and civic engagement

Voting rights and election law, policy, & litigation

Some of the outstanding organizations with which we partner or serve on advisory boards or as a member include:
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Committee for Safe and Secure Elections - Logo
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“As her former Chief Counsel at the PA Department of State, I’ve witnessed firsthand Kathy Boockvar’s unparalleled dedication to and expertise in strengthening election security and voting rights. Kathy’s unwavering leadership and commitment to upholding election integrity and building resilience, even in the face of a global pandemic and expansive legislative changes to PA election law, has not only strengthened our democracy but also increased voter participation. She worked around the clock to protect every eligible voter’s fundamental right to vote, increase transparency into election processes, and ensure that all votes would be cast and counted securely and accurately. I know her continuing work in this field will continue to strengthen our democratic process across the country.”

 – Tim Gates, Counsel to Myers Brier & Kelly

“Kathy Boockvar has provided incredibly valuable support for the Brennan Center’s team. As Senior Advisor on issues such as election security and integrity, physical security for election officials and voters, and countering threats to our democracy, Kathy’s extensive background in elections – from voting rights attorney to Secretary of State to cybersecurity professional – give her a rare combination of legal and policy acuity as well as a practical approach to strengthening the security of our electoral processes. Kathy is deeply committed to providing support and resources to keep election workers and infrastructure safe, and her extensive knowledge of available resources and willingness to jump in to create new ones where needed, is very constructive.”

 – Larry Norden, Senior Director of the Elections and Government Program at the Brennan Center for Justice

“Kathy Boockvar has been an incredible asset to the Institute for Responsive Government, where she serves as a Senior Advisor on issues surrounding voting rights, election security, and efficient administration of elections. She is also a wonderful team member and a pleasure to work with. Kathy’s deep expertise as a former chief election official, combined with her leadership in election security and as a voting rights attorney, creates a unique ability to see issues from every angle and provide thoughtful and practical guidance. Her dedication to upholding election integrity, expanding support for election officials, and increasing trust in elections strengthens our democracy.”

 – Sam Oliker-Friedland, Executive Director for the Institute for Responsive Government