Are PA voter rolls clean? How Nearly 1M voters were removed two years ago

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Kathy Boockvar recently conversed with the USA Today Network about effective methods that would help ensure Pennsylvania’s voter registration rolls are as up to date and accurate as possible, as well as help combat misinformation surrounding voter registration. Boockvar discussed areas in which improvements could be made to ensure accurate and safe elections, including the need for more funding for overworked and understaffed election workers and expanding automatic voter registration (AVR) opportunities. She noted that red, blue, and purple states alike have found that establishing effective AVR processes to automatically update voter registration records when voters update their information via other government services is very effective for keeping the voter rolls accurate and up to date.   

“One of the best ways to ensure the most accurate voter rolls is to provide for and expand automatic voter registration (AVR) opportunities, which the governor’s office recently established for PennDOT transactions in Pennsylvania,” Boockvar said. 

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