Disagree Better: A Governor’s View on How Business Can Bridge Divides

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Tired of political acrimony and looking for ideas to inspire civil discourse? Join Business for America and Disagree Better on Thursday, April 25th, 2024 at noon ET for a conversation with Utah Governor Spencer Cox about how businesses and other convenors can help bridge partisan divides. The National Governor’s Association has established the Disagree Better initiative to foster healthy discourse between opposing viewpoints and reduce partisan animosity. The discussion will also feature insights from organizations sharing efforts and strategies to cultivate common ground.

  •  Register for the April 25th event here.

  • The Disagree Better initiative examines polarization, elevates effective solutions for problem-solving, and features Governors showing what “disagreeing better” looks like. Through platforms such as civil public debates, service projects, and other strategies, we can begin to visualize a constructive approach to working through our nation’s divides. Learn more about the Disagree Better initiative here.

  • Business for America is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that engages businesses across the country to improve our country’s civic health by increasing civic participation, restoring trust in our elections and democratic institutions, reducing polarization, and setting a positive example for business engagement in the political sector. Learn more about Business for America here.