Kathy Boockvar talks about election issues ahead of 2024

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Athena Strategies President Kathy Boockvar recently spoke with WITF about the 2023 Supreme Court election and what needs to be done ahead of 2024 to ensure election security. She addressed  a broad array of issues, including the rise of AI and its implications for the spread of misinformation, the layers of security involved in mail-in voting, and the need for effective training for voting system programming and testing to avoid problems on Election Day. She emphasized the need for resources and support for election officials and poll workers who safeguard and carry out our election processes. 

“We need to be doing more to make sure that we’re spreading accurate information,” Boockvar said. “We need to get more people talking about how elections work in this country and how elections don’t work in this country and all the transparency and layers of security and integrity that exist to make sure that we can vote safely and securely.”

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