AI and Elections

Brennan Center and CSET’s AI Recommendations

As has been apparent throughout 2023, the advances of AI have been significant, and will be impacting election officials and voters as we approach the 2024 election. Brennan Center for Justice and Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) have begun a helpful series of essays and recommendations, examining the benefits and risks of AI on elections. This series explores steps that the public, private, and nonprofit sectors should take to reduce risk and increase the positive impact of AI tools for elections.

Read the series here.

The most recent article issued last week– Safeguards for Using Artificial Intelligence in Election Administration – details steps election officials can take to help them more safely assess and consider use of AI systems. In deciding whether to employ AI, election officials should begin with these three steps.

1. Choose with caution, simplicity, and human involvement

2. Carefully plan integration, including training, transparency, and identifying contingency processes for any potential issues

3. Establish thorough human review and appeal procedures to ensure accuracy, quality, and consistency

Read the article and full checklist here. This series will continue to be updated.