Election Worker Safety


Doxing is the publishing of an individual’s personal information (PII)—or an organization’s sensitive information— from open source or compromised material and publishing it online for malicious purposes. This can also increase the risk of physical threats and intimidation. There are resources available to help and support you and your team and to give guidance on proactive steps you can take.

  • CISA – Mitigating the Impacts of Doxing on Critical Infrastructure
    • This fact sheet explains what doxing is and why critical infrastructure stakeholders such as election officials may be targeted. It provides protective and preventative options and tactics and suggestions on steps you can take if you or your organization falls victim to doxing efforts.
  • Pro Bono Resources For Election Officials
    • The We Are Democracy program from Protect Our Election is a pro bono suite of digital services and tools specifically designed for local election officials. The program will provide multiple layers of online identity protection at no cost to election officials, to proactively delete personal information (PII) like your home address and phone number from online data broker sites, and to flag abusive content that targets you, your staff, or your office.