How U.S. Elections Work, Trust in Elections

Election Security and Fact-Checking Videos

These videos provide easy-to-understand and easy-to-share information about local, state, and federal election security and integrity processes.

  • Colorado’s Secretary of State has developed an engaging video series sharing several helpful tactics to ensure the safety and security of our elections. The videos include strategies to identify and stop the spread of disinformation, ways to improve election security, and the ballot process. View the videos here:
  • Election Assistance Commission (EAC) – Election Security: All phases of the Election Process
    • While each state has different specific processes it must follow, this video gives an overview of the kinds of processes that are in place to secure our elections across the country.
  • PA – Election Security at the Local Level
    • This short video from the Pennsylvania Department of State explains how local and state officials day in and day out maintain and enforce election security practices to ensure that every vote can be cast and counted safely and securely.
  • PA – Election Security at the State Level
    • This short video from the Pennsylvania Department of State explains the rigorous security measures, practices, and cross sector collaboration providing layers of protection for elections in Pennsylvania.

  • Wisconsin has created a series of videos explaining Wisconsin’s election processes, including how absentee ballots are counted, why voters should have confidence in election security, and more.