AI and Elections

AI and Democracy

This resource is a series of essays by the Brennan Center and Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology, which examines the benefits and risks of AI on elections. This series of articles will explore steps that the public, private, and nonprofit sectors should take to reduce risk and increase the positive impact of AI tools for elections.

  • The first article is on Artificial Intelligence and Election Security.
  • Brennan Center previously published this article: How AI Puts Elections at Risk — And the Needed Safeguards
    • This analysis discusses the growing threat of AI-driven disinformation and other election threats. It highlights how generative AI can create convincing fake content, including deepfake videos and text, to manipulate voters. They warn of the potential for these AI tools to disrupt elections and erode trust. They call for a comprehensive response involving government agencies, AI developers, social media companies, and lawmakers to safeguard democracy from the risks posed by AI in the electoral process.