Kathy Boockvar Discusses Global Threats to Democracy in Ireland with U.S. Department of State and U.S. Embassy 

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Athena Strategies President Kathy Boockvar was honored to travel to Ireland in May to discuss global threats to democracy and strategies to combat these challenges, at the invitation of the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Embassy. During her time in Ireland, Boockvar was privileged to meet with a remarkable array of dedicated and thoughtful … Read more

Kathy Boockvar Participates in American Bar Association Law Day Panel

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Thank you to the American Bar Association and Pennsylvania Bar Association for hosting a great Law Day event at the National Constitution Center called Taking the Next Step: Ensuring Trusted Elections and Civics for Pennsylvanians. Athena Strategies President Kathy Boockvar was honored to be a panelist alongside many election and legal professionals and leaders at … Read more

Athena Strategies Misinformation Roundup – April 8, 2024

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One of Athena Strategies’ core missions is to amplify understanding and civil discourse about elections in the U.S. – seeking to counter the spread of harmful mis and disinformation and working to rebuild trust in our electoral system.   Towards this end – Welcome to Misinformation Roundup, your periodic bulletin of viral rumors that never happened! … Read more

Poll Workers Are Urgently Needed Across the Country

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Calling all advocates for democracy! Over 400 election jurisdictions across 43 states are urgently seeking poll workers to support upcoming elections. Poll workers play a vital role in ensuring everyone can exercise their right to vote.  Poll workers support their local election administrators and help to ensure safe, fair, and efficient elections in their communities. … Read more

Kathy Boockvar Speaks at American University Washington College of Law’s Administrative Law Review Symposium

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Kathy Boockvar was honored to be invited to her law school alma mater, American University Washington College of Law, to speak at their Administrative Law Review’s symposium on the Future of U.S. Elections and Democracy. Boockvar was delighted to share the stage with Marcus A.R. Childress and Sarah Brannon, and to hear their insights as well as … Read more

Athena Strategies Announces Inaugural Class of Tech & Public Policy Democracy Fellows

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Athena Strategies is excited to welcome our inaugural Tech & Public Policy Democracy Fellows from Georgetown University. Nazli Togrul is a Master’s student in the Communication, Culture, and Technology program at Georgetown, where she researches misinformation, content moderation, artificial intelligence and digital law and policy. She works on verifying misleading narratives circulating online and has … Read more

Athena Strategies Recognizes Help America Vote Day

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Are you ready to help America vote? January 30th is Help America Vote Day, the perfect opportunity to sign up to work the polls and strengthen democracy right in your community. America needs more poll workers now to ensure free and fair elections throughout 2024. Learn more with the resources below and sign up at … Read more